Horticulture in space

How our light supports NASA

ams OSRAM has developed a lighting system for research purposes which is now also being used by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The Phytofy RLs research lighting system, a special arrangement of plant lamps controlled by smart software, is an innovative lighting solution already available to researchers and future-oriented farmers. It enables the development of light and growth recipes for plants which ensure stable quality, quantities and ingredients, while at the same time allowing researchers to intervene specifically in the metabolism of crop and ornamental plants.


In close cooperation with ams OSRAM, the U.S. space agency can support research in food production in space. Special focus is on ideal lighting conditions for the cultivation of lettuce varieties and herbs to provide fresh food for space crews. The findings from using the research lamp in “NASA Food Production Research” at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida serve as a basis for plant experiments at the International Space Station (ISS) – and can also be used to promote plant growth on Earth. The joint project focuses on research into the ideal conditions for growing plants under digital light.

“NASA scientists have created many inventions in space that are now improving life on Earth”.”We’re proud that our technology enables many more innovations”

Steve Graves, Strategic Program Manager for Urban & Digital Farming at OSRAM