I create light for safe roads

Those who visit Philipp’s XING profile will read “FMEA” under “Qualifications”. This abbreviation stands for “Failure Mode and Effects Analysis” and describes an analytic reliability improvement methodology. It focuses on anticipating failure during the design stage rather than eliminating faults at a later stage. According to this definition, Philipp is a specialist for technical reliability. He contributes his know-how as a Process Engineer to the OSRAM Automotive business unit in Berlin.

Right after graduating from high school with a higher education entrance qualification (German Abitur), Philipp started an apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician at OSRAM. During three and a half years of meticulous vocational training, young people choosing this discipline learn how to ensure smooth production workflows. Philipp was able to reduce his apprenticeship period – and started a career as a skilled worker after only three years. OSRAM gave him an open-ended employment contract as a mechatronics technician, and he took up a job at the production plant for Xenon lamps for the automotive industry. OSRAM is the global market leader in this area – not least because of best-in-class ratings for the superior quality and long service life of its light sources. After working as a skilled worker for three years, Philipp was offered the opportunity to become a Process Engineer.

The team means a lot to him. He greatly appreciates the amazing working atmosphere: “I truly enjoy being part of this team. All the team members pull together, it’s really fun. For me, the company is almost like my family. We’re on friendly terms with each other and also do many activities together during our free time.” However, free time currently is a rare and precious thing in Philipp’s life: Parallel to working at OSRAM, he’s undergoing university studies in mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences for Technology and Economy (HTW) in Berlin. So it can be expected that Philipp will prove his expertise in many more positions at OSRAM in the coming years.

“My friends working in other companies, but also my work colleagues here at OSRAM, keep telling me that taking more and more responsibility after such a short period of time is really exceptional”, Philipp explains. “It’s simply amazing that I had the opportunity to try out my skills in various positions within quite a short time frame.” When asked which skills helped him most to accelerate his career, he replies: “My reliability. And my team spirit.”

Philipp, Process Engineer