I create light for a world of new ideas

During Lisa’s apprenticeship at ams OSRAM, she was exposed to different areas of the company including production, development and quality control. Her role is to provide assistance to the engineers in their daily work. Lisa was motivated to apply for this position by positive interactions with ams OSRAM employees at job fairs, as well as ams OSRAM’s word-of-mouth reputation as an outstanding employer. She is proud to be a part of creating high-tech products that are essential for people’s daily lives and that also move technology into the future. Consequently, Lisa is involved in making lives easier through light.

Apprentices are viewed as valuable team members with a contribution to make. As Lisa reports from her experience working with colleagues in different areas at ams OSRAM, “You can talk to them very openly, and they help you with everything. They include apprentices as if they were full-time employees.” Lisa feels that not only has her knowledge grown as a result of working at OSRAM, she has also developed as a person. “Good teamwork and future opportunities,” she says, “are only a few of the things OSRAM has to offer.”

What makes ams OSRAM a high-tech employer? In Lisa’s view, it’s because OSRAM “invests so much in research and development to create things that make lives easier.” Whether that is a new technology like biometrical identification, which amongst other things modernizes how we secure smartphones, or technologies that make cars smarter, we are always developing the future of light.

And the future of our employees is equally important to us. That’s why we focus on educating and training young employees like Lisa, providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in our common future.