I create light to make cities smarter

Marlina’s area of specialization is in LED lighting solutions for cities, which ams OSRAM provides globally. What excites her is the wealth of benefits this technology can achieve for the citizens in the future. “We can use street lighting for many things,” says Marlina. Things like smart parking, which can reduce the traffic volume by making it easier for drivers to find parking spaces. Another aspect is smart traffic, which helps to monitor and regulate traffic using lighting. Furthermore, ams OSRAM technologies will make smart security possible in the future, which will improve people’s safety through video management. Even beyond smart cities, the LED technology has very wide-ranging applications including virtual reality solutions used in computer games, mobile phones and next-generation automotive technologies.
Marlina is a senior engineer in this field and right now she’s working on a product that produces energy for street lighting. Marlina’s job is to manage product performance for products that have been released and are in production. She is also the contact interface between product development and marketing. This is a responsible position covering a fascinating area that is still changing and developing. Every six months, she carries out an improvement update to make sure existing product performance and market demand are being met. Her work also involves analyzing product quality on the basis of customer specifications and carrying out feasibility studies for any customization requests.

Marlina has been with OSRAM for seven years,

So her experience within the company is considerable. In her view, what makes OSRAM not only a technology leader but also a top employer is the mutual respect and integrity that defines the culture here. This is essential for Marlina’s work, since she needs to coordinate with different parts of her team such as product development, marketing and production. If there is a larger issue to solve, it is not uncommon for her to devote a one or two-day task force to the problem so that everyone is on the same page regarding expectations and strategy. The culture encourages employees to embrace the culture of teamwork and collaboration to produce synergistic effects. Collaborative teamwork across various functional teams is vital, as it ensures that everyone is on the same page driving towards the same end-in-mind goal.