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You’d like to apply for a position at ams OSRAM? Here you can find our FAQs, as well as interesting information about your documents and tips for your application. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please feel free to get in touch with our contact person.

How to apply for a position at ams OSRAM

You’d like to apply for job on our global Job Board? Or submit an unsolicited application? We look forward to receiving it! From submitting your online application to being accepted for a job, there are a number of steps to be completed which we would like to illustrate here.

Questions concerning the job application

What you need to know when applying for a job online

How can I apply for a position at ams OSRAM? Where can I create a user profile? – Here you can find answers to the most important questions concerning job applications, final theses, internships, and graduation with a PhD at ams OSRAM.

General questions

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As a technology company, ams OSRAM is mainly looking for technical qualifications – including electrical engineering, optics, microsystems engineering, mechatronics, physics, chemistry, IT, and material sciences.

Just submit your application via our Applicant Management Platform. First set up a user account, read and accept our data protection regulations and then register as a new user.

You can apply for permanent positions as well as for student traineeships, final theses and apprenticeship training positions. It certainly makes sense to upload further relevant documents – such as a CV in tabular form, diploma certificates, and certificates confirming any additional qualifications (stays abroad, references, etc.). So feel free to attach these to your profile.

Please understand that we can only accept job applications submitted through our Applicant Management Platform. This enables us to process your application much faster than letters sent by postal mail.

You only enter your profile data in your user account once. We distinguish between your profile data and your application for a specific position. If we have a vacant position, we always browse through all the profile data stored in our database to find suitable candidates. This means for you that you don’t need to submit an unsolicited application. Just set up a profile and we’ll check whether it matches an open position.

According to experience, setting up a user account and creating a candidate profile will take you no more than 15 to 20 minutes. Once you’ve created your profile, you can apply for a position within just one or two minutes. The only thing you need to do is to assign your profile to a job post.

Just click “Attachments” to add files to your application (e.g. a cover letter, CV, references, records of study, etc.).

Should you have any special questions which can make a difference to your application, please do not hesitate to give us a phone call. We’ll discuss any further questions in detail with you during the job interview. Our decision cannot be influenced by phone calls. We also ask for your kind understanding if you cannot reach the recruiter in charge of the position right away – his regular job is to conduct interviews. You can usually find the recruiter’s phone number in the job post.
You can create a general candidate profile first. Afterwards, you can use this profile to apply for several positions at any time. This ensures that you only need to enter your data and upload your attachments once in order to be able to use them for any number of applications.

We recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible, because the entire process from the time we receive an application until the final decision can take some time.

Would you like to check the current status of your application? Then You can track it directly in your candidate profile under “Job applications”. Our goal is to give provide you with a great experience and maximum transparency in our application process. 

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Yes, of course. Just create a general candidate profile on our Applicant Management Platform. Our recruiters use this platform to actively search for suitable candidates for new or vacant positions and contact them afterwards.

Feel free to apply for a position again at any time.

Unfortunately it is not possible to contact the specialist area in advance. Please understand that we need your application first. If your profile sounds interesting to us, we’ll contact you to discuss further steps, conduct a telephone interview, and possibly arrange a face-to-face interview to get to know you in person. However, feel free to contact our Ambassadors from the specialist areas at any time. The list of contact partners is available here.

Your CV is mandatory. Submitting a cover letter is not absolutely necessary. However, we recommend that you upload a cover letter as well as relevant certificates and references.

After your most recent login, the data will remain stored in accordance with data protection regulations in your country. For Germany this is 6 months, for some other countries 12 up to 24 months. This period will start again once you log on again and check your profile. Before the end of this six-month period you’ll be notified in advance by e-mail that your profile will be deleted if you do not log on again.

Yes, subsequent changes will be applied to all your applications submitted so as to keep them up to date. The system will notify the recruiter that you’ve modified your profile.

Data protection is of prime importance to ams OSRAM. That’s why it is essential for us that you know how we handle your data.

The employees at our Recruiting Center are usually there for you on the phone number +49 89 444694990 between 08:00 a.m. and 05:00 p.m.

Qualified individuals with a disability have the right to request reasonable accommodation. If you are unable or limited in your ability to access or use our careers website as a result of your disability, request reasonable accommodation:

Just send an e-mail to 
Inform us of the nature of your request and
provide your contact information.
Please do not direct any other general employment-related questions to this e-mail. Only inquiries concerning a request for reasonable accommodation will be responded to.


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ams OSRAM offers excellent opportunities for international job starters who have just graduated with a technical or scientific degree. You can directly start a position or join our international trainee program LightUp!

ams OSRAM provides opportunities for bachelor/master theses in all corporate areas. On the Job Board, you will find an updated list of offers for final theses.

In principle, yes. The prerequisite for a thesis based abroad is in any case a successfully completed internship of several months at a domestic location.

We offer internships in almost all areas of ams OSRAM. You’ll find all relevant posts on the Job board.

We currently do not offer internships abroad; all the relevant positions abroad are reserved for students pursuing a dual course of study.

You only have to submit your CV and can optionally upload a cover letter and relevant certificates/school reports.

The duration of a mandatory internship within the scope of university/college studies depends on the applicable guidelines (usually four to six months). Voluntary internships are possible for eight weeks or more.

ams OSRAM generally provides attractive positions for PhD theses mainly in the technical areas of our company.

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You can find the updated portfolio of positions for a PhD thesis at ams OSRAM on our Job Board.

We usually offer three-year contracts for graduation with a PhD at our company.

Since we would like to provide you with a deep insight into our company, a minimum stay of six weeks is essential to us. Enrollment at a university/college is a further prerequisite.

We offer positions for working students in almost all corporate areas.

We recommend that you submit your application 3 to 4 months before your desired entry date. Applications at short notice can also be considered in individual cases.

You can work up to 20 hours per week; 35 hours are possible during the semester break.

Tips for your job application

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You’ve found your dream job on our Job Board, but aren’t quite sure how to write your cover letter? The cover letter is an opportunity for you to show your enthusiasm for the position and demonstrate to us why you’re the ideal candidate. Make sure that your cover letter fits on a DIN A 4 page and that you write in the language used in the job post. 

The following questions can serve as a guideline:

  • What competences, skills and experience do you have which will prove useful in the position to be filled?
  • What motivates you to apply to ams OSRAM, and why for this position?
  • What makes you special?

More tips for your cover letter:

  • Describe one or two skills or experiences from your CV in more detail
  • Align your cover letter with the position for which you are applying
  • You will find the name of the recruiter in the advertisement – so you’d better check twice that you have spelled the name correctly

We recommend that you adapt your CV to the individual job post. For what reason? This is a good way to draw our attention to stages in your education or career and skills that make you the ideal candidate for the position to be filled.

Emphasize your most important tasks and successes for each stage, because the following rule applies: Focus on the essentials rather than excessively long lists. Put yourself in the place of the recruiting team and use customary designations.

Important tips for your CV:

  • Use a clear format and font that is easy to read, such as Arial or Times New Roman
  • Create your resume in tabular form and start with your last activity
  • Limit yourself to a few meaningful sub-items per station
  • Avoid gaps in your resume
  • Limit yourself to relevant information
  • Your resume should ideally be 1 page, maximum 2 pages long
  • Check your resume for formulation and spelling mistakes
  • Ensure a clear structure and good legibility
  • The best way to submit your resume is to upload it in PDF format
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Social networks have become an integral part of our lives and also play a major role in our careers. Here we would like to give you a few tips on how you can use the platforms specifically for your self-marketing.

  • Focus instead of mass

Self-marketing doesn’t mean you have to play everywhere from now on. In addition to the well-known professional networks like LinkedIn, there are also many platforms for specific target groups such as Research Gate. We strongly recommend that you focus on the essentials (¿) rather than on the masses. Think about which channels are most relevant for your field and of course, which channels you like the most.

  • Networking made easy

The more you network with other users, the higher the visibility of your contributions and ultimately your profile. Make contacts again and again – both private and professional – and build your network. With XING, for example, there is the possibility that you can display the users near you in the app – we find this very useful if you are, for example, at a conference or event.

  • Always up to date

Keep your profile information and entries up to date. In the professional networks you can also specify whether you are currently searching actively or are open for offers and what expectations you have. This information can only be seen by recruiters, so you don’t have to worry that your boss will notice your job search. We also recommend that you post regularly, link to and comment on other posts, and show yourself. This will make you visible to your network.

You have been invited to an interview? Great, because your documents have aroused our interest and we would like to get to know you personally and learn more about you.

Here are some tips for the interview:

The interview is your chance to find out if the job is what you’re looking for. You should therefore know your expectations in terms of the job and your professional development. Therefore, prepare appropriate questions for your interview partners to check whether this job is right for you. Good preparation gives you security: Prepare yourself for questions about your career and your qualifications and motivation with regard to the job. We also recommend that you read the latest ams OSRAM press so that you are up to date and aware of the latest developments. Imagine you are optimally prepared and on your way to the interview but the subway is late? This can easily stress you, so we strongly advise you to allow plenty of time. With the invitation to the interview you will receive information on how to get there and our parking facilities. Make sure that you speak clearly in the interview and look for eye contact with your interviewers. Don’t worry if you’re a little nervous: our recruiters are professionals and will respond to you.