I create light for breakthroughs in biometric identification


When Yogenthra speaks about his job as a product development engineer, his enthusiasm is clear. A recent graduate hired through the local Graduate Program in Penang, Malaysia, Yogenthra is working on a brand new innovation: facial recognition. This cutting-edge technology uses a VCSEL chip to illuminate a laser, which passes through what is called a DOE lens. The DOE lens breaks the laser light into dot patterns, which are projected onto an object like a face, and then reflected back into a receiver. Special software reads this dot pattern, rearranges it into a 3D form and voilà! Facial recognition. Yogenthra and his team will continue to refine this system of biometric identification, which uses light to identify a persons’ face, and make it even easier to use in the future.

Biometric identification is a field in which Yogenthra gets to explore cutting-edge technologies in a fast-paced, intensive, highly collaborative environment. "I am exposed to many ideas, many new things, many new types of working environments," he says. Working for an established company like ams OSRAM means that Yogenthra has access to excellent training. ams OSRAM gives him the best of both worlds, providing tools for learning while, at the same time, making him a full member of the team so he can gain valuable experience and technical knowledge. "It is a very good learning environment for me," he confirms.

Yogenthra 's love of future-oriented, visionary technologies is one of the things that make him such a good fit with OSRAM. As he puts it, "We are working on things that are actually improving people's lives. I am so proud to say that I am working on a small part in a mobile phone that you can actually use to unlock the phone just by looking at it." With products like this, ams OSRAM gives people safety, security and reliability in an increasingly networked world.

When asked what he believes it means to work for a high-tech employer, Yogenthra says, "We are ahead of the current time, the current reality." As an example, the facial recognition technology Yogenthra is developing has a potential impact far beyond use in a mobile phone. Looking ahead to the future, his team is already thinking about how this technology can be used to secure buildings and homes.

Yogenthra AL Vengadasalam, Engineer


I create light for stronger security technologies