I create light for laser- and LED-based technologies of the future


Simon is a recent graduate who works as a process engineer for laser epitaxy at ams OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. He completed a dual degree in electrical engineering and micro-systems technology and was always interested in “the combination of practical things and theoretical knowledge.” To him, ams OSRAM is the perfect place to bring together the theoretical and the practical. This was part of what motivated him to join the team. But a more important motivation is how excited he feels about the innovations happening here. “ams OSRAM is a company that is really innovative, that is really driving the future.” Simon is proud to help shape that future and make light a positive force in people’s lives.


As an engineer, Simon is involved in creating products in a very qualitative way. That commitment to quality drives ams OSRAM’s leadership in a wide range of applications. Working for a company that is a market leader in so many areas is especially satisfying for Simon. He believes this leadership is made possible by a culture of collaboration between employees and supervisors. “It’s a very open atmosphere,” he says, which fosters communication and enables a variety of perspectives to co-exist and inform each other. He values the close teamwork with his colleagues and sees this as a key feature of our company’s culture.


Though Simon’s work focusses on a very basic first process step, he sees the impact it has on the result. Without good epitaxy, the LED or the laser would not work effectively. His area of expertise is the basis and foundation of everything that comes after. And the end products encompass a wide variety of exciting, future-oriented applications. One of these is horticulture – combatting the influence of climate change on growing seasons by creating artificial lighting for crops.

ams OSRAM LEDs, sensor technology and lasers are also important components in next-generation automotive applications that are now stimulating the budding field of autonomous driving. In Simon’s mind, it’s these products, like the LED and laser technology or the sensors, that make ams OSRAM high-tech.

“It’s really technical things that are used in everyday life, with a focus on development and innovation.”

Simon, Process Engineer


I create light for the future of food