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Paola has worked for ams OSRAM for the past 16 years. Currently, she is responsible for computer simulations of thermo-mechanical stress in LED products. She is also heading an application team that is in charge of supporting product developers and customers with thermo-mechanical simulations as well as product assembly process evaluations. One of the aspects of her job that she enjoys most is the chance to accompany and support development projects from beginning to end: “To see something develop from an idea to something you can touch with your hands: a product.”


For Paola, it’s important that these people are open to new perspectives and willing to share their knowledge, building bridges between departments and contributing to development processes. As an example of this cooperative spirit, she recently developed a new mechanical test in the lab with her team to determine the limits of one product she oversees and she worked together with development teams to extend these limits and so improve the product’s robustness. This test and the awareness of the mechanical limits and their root causes has already been transferred to other product development projects.


Paola supports all the divisions, rather than focusing on one product area. A lot of her work focuses on automotive technologies, but it also touches on the new and emerging market of emitting lasers. With her work on LED products, she also touches on the topic of security with facial recognition and iris scans. In her view, the smooth transfer of experience between different business units and areas of competence is key. This is what keeps driving the technology forward and makes ams OSRAM a high-tech employer.

“I think that ams OSRAM’s products support the evolution of society in a digital world, not just for communication and data acquisition, but for life in general,” says Paola. “I believe that we support this evolution with our lighting products as well as our sensors.”

Paola, Head of Application Team for Robust Design and Workability


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