I create light for the future of autonomous driving

The future of mobility is inconceivable without autonomous driving. Today’s vehicles are equipped with more and more sophisticated sensors, enabling them to detect their environment – and the development of complex algorithms capable of mastering driving situations safely and reliably is progressing faster and faster. As a LIDAR Development Engineer, Oliver is committed to turning this vision of the future into reality. LIDAR stands for “Light Detection and Ranging” – a surveying method similar to radar that enables the optical measurement of distance and speed. The environment is scanned with extra-high resolution and mapped to point-cloud data. As a PhD physicist, Oliver focuses on developing the optical components required for this complex technology, enabling us to make the most of innovative high-precision sensors. His tasks include the simulation of laser optics, taking outdoor test measurements of modules under all weather conditions – and applying complex algorithms to evaluate the point clouds generated.


At OSRAM in Berlin, Oliver is part of a team of optics developers and system architects. “I’ve always been interested in new technologies and autonomous driving has always fascinated me in particular. Not many companies in Germany focus on this technology, which is why OSRAM was my first choice as an employer.”

At the time when Oliver joined OSRAM after graduating with a PhD degree, his team was set up from scratch. “There’s a kind of ‘start-up flair’ in our team”, he comments. Oliver appreciates being able to try out new things – and knowing that new ideas are implemented within a short time. Last but not least, the close contact with customers and development partners makes his job even more exciting.


“In my job I contribute towards enhancing the safety of road traffic”,

Oliver proudly explains, because LIDAR-based assistance systems such as Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) and Emergency Brake Assistants are already supporting drivers today. Even though it will be some years until fully autonomous driving will be possible, Oliver is convinced that self-driving vehicles will transport people in the future, relieving road traffic in metropolitan areas. For him, high tech therefore means being directly involved in this future-oriented innovation area.


I create light for tomorrow’s virtual reality applications