I create light for making the extraordinary ordinary


Franz-Martin is an equipment technician at OSRAM. In his area of work, the wavelength of the LED or laser is determined. He is an expert in maintenance – organizing spare parts, resolving shutdowns and keeping the systems running smoothly. His knowledge and skills are essential not only within his local team, but also as support for his colleagues at a new semiconductor factory OSRAM recently opened in Malaysia. He enjoys the fact that the products he helps make can be found everywhere in our daily lives. “It also makes me proud when people associate OSRAM with quality,” he says, “That’s when I know why I am working here.”


Because of his interactions with the production site in Malaysia, Franz-Martin is frequently exposed to the international aspect of working at OSRAM. In this connective position, he really gets a sense of the positive working culture extending beyond national borders, bringing colleagues together as a special team. “For me, the team is the most important thing at OSRAM,” he declares. He believes everyone in that team devotes his or her particular expertise to moving OSRAM forward as a company. For Franz-Martin, being able to rely on his colleagues is essential for solving problems and reaching common goals successfully.


“I love the products and all the new things we do,” says Franz-Martin. “It’s the innovative products, such as lasers and LEDs, that make us a high-tech company”. His deep involvement in the actual processes of production as a maintenance expert gives him a unique perspective on the complexities of how these products are actually made – and that is a very high-tech procedure, as he testifies. But whether he’s working on an LED for use in the field of autonomous driving or for horticulture, Franz-Martin knows he is helping to make people’s lives better now and in the future.

OSRAM sensor technology is currently changing the future of driving, making cars smarter and more responsive than ever before. And with more and more growing fields using OSRAM LEDs to give light to crops, Franz-Martin can envision a very positive outcome when these LEDs make it possible to grow plants in difficult climates and environmental circumstances. “We light the future,” he says, “That is our ambition and it’s true.”

Franz-Martin, Equipment Technician

I create light for a more sophisticated driving experience