I create light for tomorrow’s virtual reality applications


In over seven years of work at ams OSRAM, Dominik has had a range of experiences. He has worked on developing application and system understanding, as well as delivering technical support to consumer electronics customers, working with visible LEDs. As part of this specific team, he supported LCD backlighting, mobile phone flashes and also wearables such as virtual reality devices and fitness trackers. In his current role, Dominik is leading a team of application engineers and marketers. Looking back on how his career has continuously developed, he believes that working at ams OSRAM feels “innovative and dynamic.”

Dominik first began working for ams OSRAM as an intern. He remembers perceiving OSRAM as a “very fresh and flexible working environment” at that time. Today, he still considers it a special atmosphere defined by flexibility, learning, creativity and a supportive culture. Whatever challenges arise in his daily work, he always finds his colleagues willing to solve problems together and feels there is never a shortage of good ideas. As one of the biggest lighting companies in the world, ams OSRAM offers its employees the advantage of working with the best people in the industry. As Dominik says, “It makes me proud to work with these people and learn from them on a daily basis.” Furthermore, Dominik has been able to pursue personal goals while at ams OSRAM, such as gaining a team leadership position and even going back to university to earn an MBA.


Dominik believes that “light itself makes people happy.” Working in consumer electronics applications such as mobile phones and virtual reality glasses, he experiences on a daily basis how light can make life easier, more creative, more enjoyable and more connected. Take virtual reality glasses as an example: Dominik’s team supplies tiny side emitting LEDs called micro SIDELEDs. They generate the light behind the liquid-crystal display. These products are constantly being developed to meet the demand for higher resolution, brighter pictures and more color.

ams OSRAM is “always at the cutting edge of technology,” and there are experts in every field for customers to talk to about all the different high-tech technologies such as sensors and lasers. This, in Dominik’s opinion, is what makes ams OSRAM a high-tech company: outstanding technology supported by outstanding minds.

Dominik, Senior Business Development Manager



I create light to make cities smarter