I create light for a more sophisticated driving experience


Meet Amy, an associate engineer in product development for the interior automotive field at ams OSRAM. For her, automotive is the most interesting field to be involved in right now because of the up and coming topic of autonomous driving. “ams OSRAM is actually guiding the future of autonomous driving – making the vehicle smarter, simpler and more polished so that it can be more responsive to changing exterior and interior environments with the sensor that we create.” Known as a LIDAR sensor, this key component in the concept of autonomous driving transmits a very short laser pulse that hits an object and is reflected and detected by a sensor. This creates high-resolution, 3D images for LIDAR systems. While most people are only just becoming aware that technology like this is possible, at OSRAM, people like Amy are working at the heart of making it a reality. 


“I can see that there are always opportunities for me to progress at OSRAM,” Amy says. And the company takes care of her personal development by providing training opportunities (both technical and non-technical) that not only assist with career advancement, but also establish positive values in the corporate culture. “We always work together as a team and have mutual respect, and we’re always willing to accept and share new ideas from one another.” This cooperative atmosphere is essential to fostering the innovative spirit that OSRAM is known for.

“Working at OSRAM is so special because it helps to change the world. With OSRAM, I see innovation and tradition improving people’s lives.”

Amy, Product Designing Engineer


I create light for the future of autonomous driving