LED as an innovation

Safety in everyday life


The way to school or outdoor work can present hazards, for example due to poor light conditions at twilight. But how is it possible to improve vision and visibility?
Special LED lighting systems for clothing or other equipment, such as helmets, school bags or work clothes, ensure that people can be seen from far away, significantly reducing risks.


LED modules provide major benefits because they can light up actively and flash – unlike conventional reflectors. This means that vehicles passing by or other road users can identify and react to dangerous situations faster than ever before. These LEDs are compact, energy-saving and cost-efficient, and even resistant to rain, dirt and other external influences – ideal for attaching to school bags, work clothes, helmets or backpacks.


This LED innovation from ams OSRAM has already been implemented on Scout school bags and UVEX protective clothing and is being improved even further. One potential scenario: At some time in the future, sportswear could warn sport enthusiasts about high pulse rates, or LEDs could show that a bike is braking to alert other road users.

“At OSRAM, we’re always looking for innovations that make people’s lives safer and easier. Now the time has come for us to find premium partners in the clothing industry, where we can provide real added value.”

Stefan, Head of the Smart Textile Illumination

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